Precision Rifle Shooting is either a centerfire or a .22 rimfire shooting match that has 8 to 10 stages.

A stage is 2 minutes long and 8 to 12 rounds are fired at steel targets that are of different sizes and distances. Yes, we shoot .22 long rifle out to 400 meters!

The shooter has to shoot off various objects such as a tank trap, barricade, stack of tires , rock pile, etc. The shooters are placed into groups (squads) of 5-8 persons that shoot the match together, taking turns when not shooting to observe hits/misses of the person shooting, recording the time and scores.

New shooters should not be intimidated as the experienced shooters will lend extra gear (tripods/shooting bags, etc) and give tips/coaching.

Some of the targets we shoot vary from circles, squares, various shapes, animals and moving targets.

Upcoming Trends

As the costs of centerfire shooting continue to increase, we have seen an increase in the popularity of rimfire shooting over centerfire shooting. Centerfire reloading has seen a shortage of components with a pricing increase of over 250%. Rimfire rifles have evolved in their accuracy and design with a variety of manufacturers making a bolt action repeater based on a Remington 700 action which allows the use of aftermarket triggers, stocks and chassis. These full size .22 rifles have the same dimensions and feel of a centerfire rifle. These .22 rifles routinely are shot out to steel targets at 400 meters. With good ammunition, they are capable of shooting 2 inch groups at 200 meters.

Long range rimfire shooting is another growing area of rimfire shooting sports.

PRS Shooting as a sport in both centerfire and rimfire has taken off in Canada in the last few years.

For this season at Vernon Fish and Game, we will have weekly PRS practice days as well as a sanctioned BCPRL PRS event in .22 rimfire in June 2023.

See the Calendar for scheduled dates.

Other match dates and schedules for rimfire and centerfire can be found on and are held throughout the country.

If PRS interests you, be sure to come out to the intro to PRS day or sign up for a match.

Additional links and info can be found at the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series website.

For more information contact Bill [email protected]