The dates for the 2019 Military Rifle Shoots are:

  • Sunday February 24
  • Sunday May 5 (Combat Shotgun)
  • Sunday May 26
  • Sunday June 23
  • Sunday July 28
  • Sunday August 25 (Combat Shotgun)
  • Sunday September 29
  • Sunday October 27

The categories are:


  • Bolt Action
  • Battle Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Advanced Combat Rifle


  • Vintage Sniper
  • Open Sniper

Sub-Machine Gun:

  • Vintage Sub-Machine Gun
  • Modern Sub-Machine Gun


  • Vintage Military Pistol
  • Modern Military Pistol
  • Open Pistol

The course of fire is 60 rounds for rifles and SMGs, 45 rounds for snipers and pistols.

For combat shotgun, the course of fire is 10 slugs and at least 25 buckshot.

There is a $10 cost to enter per category (handgun is included with any entry.)

Place: Rifle Range & Handgun Range A.

Combat Shotgun: Reserve Range & Handgun Range B.

A printable poster is available here.

Please contact Chris at [email protected] for more details.

Course of Fire PDF

Equipment Rules PDF